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Spanish-Mexican Families of Early California, Los Pobladores de la Reina de Los Angeles, Volume 3 - Special Sale!
The long-delayed Spanish colonization of Alta California began in 1769 with the founding of the first mission at what became San Diego. The next 80 years saw the rise and fall of the California Mission system, Mexican independence, the ceding of California to the United States, and the beginning of the California Gold Rush in 1849. This colorful, fast-changing period is the setting for the families in this publication. Included are biographical sketches providing a fascinating insight into the California of that era. About 570 family groups, 1000 Hispanic names and 11,000 indexed references are listed in the first two volumes. Family groups included spouses, most of their parents and all known children. by Marie E. Northrop. Published by Southern California Genealogical Society, Burbank, California.

Hardbound, 525 pages.
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